Another day

Singer. Cellist. Music Journalist. Writer. Model. Student.

Here is whatever happens to speak to me, whether my ears are opened by coffee or whiskey.

It’s amazing how a few words from you

makes everything seem alright. 

Terry Gross doesn’t make me want to do coke or fuck someone…

- Blag Dahlia, from my upcoming article on The Dwarves for Smash Magazine.

One of my father’s more whimsical mannerisms was to look up at the clock and say, ‘How goes the enemy?’ meaning time, or perhaps we should say Time, with a capital T. The phrase comes from an obscure eighteenth-century play called The Dramatist by Frederick Reynolds. The line is spoken by a character named Ennui the Timekiller, ‘whose business in life is to murder the hour’.

- Marianne Faithfull, memories, dreams & reflections (via ifveniceissinking)

(via ifveniceissinking)

Bartending on Thursdays

Tonight, a boy tried to hop behind the bar and pour his own beer.

"I’m sorry. I didn’t know."

"Because bars are buffet style and self-serve?"

"Um. No. Can I keep my beer?"

"No. I can pour it out and you can stay. Or you can keep it and I can have the bouncer escort you out."

"So I can’t keep my beer…"

Life must be difficult for some people.